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Above is an example of a WebGL shader that I programmed using Shadertoy. I hope to post more of this content as my learning of 3D graphics evolves.

I have a few ideas of how 3D graphics could be combined with internet radio to achieve a kind of streamed-audio-visual-experience. If this interests you, get in contact.

Technical Information

This web radio is hosted on a librebooted Thinkpad x200 :). This is probably good for the security of the server due to backdoors in Intel's Management Engine but probably not good for the reliability of this lovely service.

The current software stack is the following:

The audio stream is encoded as Ogg Vorbis with a quality level of 6. This takes roughly 192kbit/s of bandwidth for 44.1KHz 16bit stereo. I hope to switch to Opus soon as the quality level is significantly better at lower bandwidth with much less latency but there are issues with metadata handling.

As the development of this evolves, I may begin to use Liquidsoap to express a finer level of control over the scheduling/programming.