Welcome my internet home! Having an anti- social media stance means I don't really exist to most people. This is a sad situation so I decided to go back to the 90s and create this abomination of a website that nobody will visit instead! I hope the retro garishness pleases you!

Who am I?

Now isn't that a good question? I don't know the full answer yet but I also don't want to do what most people will do and give you a sales pitch. I'm not good at bullshitting so here's a somewhat accurate summary of what's happening instead:

I'm a part-time hacker, part-time disk disc manipulator. I have a hard time connecting with people and have been told by a psychologist that I am probably a Schizoid. This doesn't have anything to do with schizophrenia but it does mean that I have a tendancy to not enjoy people as much as others. Sorry internet friend :'(. I also am repeatedly told by my mum to 'lighten up'. I don't know if it's the black clothes or my lack of emotive affect. It's probably both but 'I don't care' anyway... Right? ='). Society is a mess and it's important to dress for the occasion! =')

Like many other nerds, I enjoy hardware hacking and tinkering. I'm currently waiting on some STM32 programmer clones that I can flash with GnuK: an implementation of GnuPG cryptographic token. It allows me to store my private PGP keys so my calculator app doesn't send my keys to server located in some Chinese warehouse. (Yes this is a joke and I know the US are only trying to attack Huawei because the NSA want to be the überspys. Nice try!).

That was a massive aside. Wow. I know how to get hung up on small details. Also congratulations for reading so far. Unfortunately there isn't any prize as such other than the pride of having a greater attention span than me. :D

On the software side, I enjoy writing Haskell and Python code but don't have a good track record for finishing projects. Lately, I've been learning shader based 3D graphics. I find raymarching using SDFs (Signed Distance Functions) to be really flexible technique for rendering and I'm having a lot of fun with it. If this interests you, definitely checkout Inigo Quilez, the creator of Shadertoy and amazing articles as well as Flopine who has some of the prettiest and most colorful shaders ever and Antoine Zanuttini (nusan) who does the most mind-bending live-shader-coding videos.