Why veganism

2019-09-20 | Olivia Mackintosh

Veganism is a moral obligation to me and it probably is to anyone else, if they: a) are logically consistant and b) don’t hold crazy views.

Animals feel pain in a close enough way to us that killing them for no reason isn’t that much more morally different than killing a human. It’s valid to argue that humans have higher moral value than a say a cow which would have a higher moral value than say, an ant but it’s hard to argue that killing any of them for no reason is justified by this. One generally has to resort to “but they’re not human”. Ask what that difference is and you’ll probably come back to “but they’re not human”. Some fine circular reasoning. After giving up, they might stoop to “plants have feelings too”.

Hey, if you really don’t care about the animals which you probably ought to if you want to align your beliefs with your actions, at least do it for the environment or even your own health.